Problems are just a way for our company to show what great customer service we have!  Many questions may come to mind when thinking about refurbishing  your furniture. We hope this section will help you understand our procedures.
Question 1
How can I tell if my furniture is worth recovering!

Look and feel the base of your furniture?  Can you feel a round spring or a zigger?  Put your hand underneath and see if you feel the springs.  Coil springs and eight way hand tied is the best construction.  Is the furniture heavy?  Weight usually denotes hard wood frame construction and a piece that is worth recovering.   I usually recommend that if your furniture was not a very expensive piece to begin with maybe it is best to not invest in upholstery.

Question 2
If I give you a piece of furniture to recover how long will it take and what if I supply my own fabric?
Once we get the fabric ordered we can have the fabric in our workroom in about 4 days.  When your fabric arrives we will schedule your furniture for pick up.  Upholstery jobs normally takes a week to ten days to complete the work.

When you supply your own fabric that is called COM, customer’s own material. We charge a cutting fee of 10.00 per yard plus our basic labor rate.

Question 3
What is the best way to get an estimate?
On cleaning we like to set the appointment and come out to your home to do a thorough inspection and give you the price before we start.  We are very competitive and driving out to home to do an estimate is not cost effective.

On upholstery it is a good idea to come into our showroom to choose your fabric before we quote the job. You can also email us a picture and we can give an ball park estimate.

We can give ball park figures over the phone but it is impossible to know exact costs until you pick out the fabric or we actually see the piece that we will be working on.

The biggest variable in upholstery is what we will have to do to your cushions.  Many different kinds of density on foam rubber.  I tell my clients.  “Can you imagine the foam difference on a $7000.00 sofa compared to a $750.00 sofa?

Question 4
Do I have to bring the furniture to you or do you supply Pick Up and Delivery?
Yes we supply pick up and delivery service. Pick Up and Delivery normally runs $85.00 for small pieces that are in our vicinity.  On a sofa it can run 125.00
General Furniture Maintenance

Kids, pets and daily wear and tear make it difficult to keep furniture looking like it did the day you brought it home from the store. But with a small investment of time into proper furniture maintenance, you can extend the life of your furniture. Regular furniture care goes a long way toward maintaining your furniture between professional cleaning visits. Here are a few furniture cleaning and furniture care tips that everyone can use:
• Vacuum upholstered furniture with a light brush to remove dust particles, as well as food and dirt that may go unnoticed. This prevents the unwanted dirt and grime from settling into the fibers, which can happen easily if it hides in the cracks and crevices of your furniture.
• Rotate any cushions to prevent over-use in certain areas.
• Refrain from washing cushion covers in the washing machine as this may cause fading, shrinking and fabric deterioration.
• Keep furniture away from direct sunlight as it could cause fading.
• Avoid placing items like newspapers on upholstered furniture as they may discolor the fabric.
• Keep a watchful eye on certain dark-colored blankets and throws that could transfer their color to the fabric on your furniture.
• Clean and use furniture polish on wood furniture to help protect it from scratches and abrasions. Dust attracts moisture, which can soften the furniture if it accumulates and cause permanent damage.

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